Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Under Those Stars

I've been going through a lot of thinking. Angel's phone is off again and he leaves in a week. 1 week left to hear his voice and now, I don't even have that. I feel like I'm waxing depressed again. Friends, such as Alisa, say that they'll hang out with me, yet it never happens. I feel almost as if I've been forgotton by most of my friends. And, at a point where I really need them to lean on. I feel hopeless.

I'm completely done with Angel's mom. I don't mind helping people until it starts to affect my own health. She had me so stressed I was having panic attacks again. That, to me, was all I needed to say enough. The sad thing is, I told her I was starting to have panic attacks from all the stress and it didn't stop her from pouring all of her drama out on me. I've got enough going on without dealing with her marriage troubles. {For those of you who don't know, the back story; She found out her hubby of 14 years had been having an affair, she threw him out, tried to off herself, wanted to work things out, he moved in with the other woman, she filed for divorce, he got emotionally abusive, she attacked him and got arrested. Her mom bailed her out of jail} I'm sorry, but when you're the PARENT you put your bullshit aside and not dump it on your kids or your son's girlfriend. That is what you have a therapist for. That is what you have friends your OWN AGE who know what you're going through for. Not your son's girlfriend who is already stressed about the man she loves going off to bootcamp and not being able to talk to him for 8 FUCKING WEEKS.

My sleep schedule is completely out of whack at the moment. I've been going to bed around noon and sleeping until 6-7 in the evening. Mainly, I play the sims. The sad thing is, I'm tired by like 3 am and just can't sleep.

I don't work saturday, and I am so excited for a night off. I'm going to see my brother race for his birthday. Can't believe the little asshole is going to be 16.

Well, I'm going to get off of here for a bit. I'll probably be posting on here a lot more once Angel leaves. :/


P.S. I deff want to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. <3


J.J. said...

I think that you did the right thing by quitting with Angel's mom because your health is important. And maybe she reacts like that because she still suffers from all the things that she had, and she "needs" to complain at everyone. Maybe in the future she'll be better.

P.S: What a coincidence, I want just like you to see Mr. Popper's Penguins (I saw the trailer and Jim Carrey is amazing - like always). Have a nice day!

Insanity_Calamity said...

Yeah, thanks. She's trying to get better from Angel's little brother was telling me, so I'm hopeful.

Penguins-all the way :) Hope you have a nice day as well.