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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone out there! :D
Angel actually text me today, shocker right there. I dressed up and passed out candy to adorable little kids. Sadly, did not get too many trick or treaters and am now left with a ton of candy.
My little niece Zoey was dressed as Princess Aurora, Tabatha dressed Lacey and Zayden as pirates which is what my cousin Carissa dressed her daughter as.


Well, I'm out for now kiddos <3


I'm pretty depressed right now, not going to lie. Even though my friend Karin came over today, I still feel really lonely not being able to talk to Angel. Made less than decent peanut butter cookies. Note to self, cheap peanut butter is disgusting.
/le sigh.

Don't really know what else to say right now.

Coming Clean

The last 24 hours has been rough. Not because of anything that has happened to me, but because of what has been happening to the people around me.
We'll start with my "Wife" Tarrah. First, a little back story. I met Tarrah in the seventh grade, 8 years ago. She was my first real friend when I moved. She's the one that introduced me to Alisa. We spent the whole school year as best friends. Then, at the end of the school year, Tarrah and her family moved to Arizona. She later had a baby daughter, Kadance. Things with Kady's dad didn't work out and she and Kady moved back to Ohio to live with Tarrah's grandparents. Then, she started to date Aaron. I despised him almost instantly. He was quick to anger, didn't like her hanging out with people unless he was there and quite honestly, something about him didn't sit well with me. I begged her to break things off before things got serious. The more I begged, the more she pushed away and the more he isolate…

Convince me I've been sick forever

I guess I'm just bumming a little bit. It gets hard being in a long distance relationship without the military aspects. I got to talk to Angel for a little bit today, but it was all through text. He's thinking the whole thing sucks right now too. I guess I'm just feeling lonely. I miss being able to hear his voice and with getting all his paperwork done for his security clearance and trying to take care of his student loans, he's just so busy and worn out.
This sucks.
Is it December yet?


If This is What I Call Home

Ok, a real update on my life.
I went camping with my family last week, down to southern Ohio. It was okay. Wet and windy, but alright. Thankfully, we were in the camper and not tents. Got some pretty nice pictures in the woods by where we were. On the way home, we stopped by the Olentangy Indian Caverns. Which was pretty sweet, not gonna lie. I love caverns.
On to the topic of my love life. Angel's phone was off for most of last week. Jeremy's dumb ass never told him there was a bill due and it ended up costing Angel almost 400 dollars to get the phones turned back on. Which, due to the cost, means Angel has no idea when he's going to be able to come up and see me. I was not very happy. Then, add on all the paper work he has to get done and the fact that he's been trying to get the apartment cleaned up because Jeremy trashed the place while Angel was in training. Needless to say, Angel's not been being social at all. I had to fight tooth and nail just to hear from hi…

Let Me Go Home

Well, I'm home from a family camping trip to southern Ohio. Angel graduated from A-School on Friday. And, I have decided, I hate Angel's friend Jeremy. Looooong story. I might get into all of that later. As for right now, I'm just letting everyone know that I am still alive.

You've been the only thing that's right in a life time

One year ago today, I got off a plane in Austin, Texas. One year ago today, I saw you for the very first time. It's been one year since our first kiss, the first time we held hands, first time we fell asleep wrapped up around each other. One year since my life changed completely. It was one year ago today that I knew I would spend the rest of my life loving you. I remember being so worried that you would be different some how. Like you wouldn't be the same man I had been talking to for so much time. But you were that man. And I love you more and more each day. <3

Coming Back Down

I get to see Angel in 2 weeks!!! I am so excited to see him again, you have no idea. Work was ok last night, we were really slow. Granted, in the last like hour we did over a 100 bucks. It sucked. Nothing like last minute people to set you back half an hour. On the 8th season of Scrubs, bored. Still missing Angel like freaking crazy.
Well, I need to get some sleep. Night world.