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Sing me something soft

Go figure, I vanished for a whole year again. Well, a year, a month and three days. Oops? I'd say I'm sorry, but the truth is, I simply keep forgetting I still have this thing. Life's funny like that, I suppose. A few updates of importance have occurred, but not many. I moved into a new apartment back in December after the old one was deemed unsafe for people to live in. I was promoted to full time at work (yes, I am still working at Wendy's) and that's actually a good thing because it gives me financial stability. My little brother lives with his girlfriend and is doing pretty damn well for himself and that's really about it. I keep thinking I should delete this with how little I use it, but there are a lot of memories of on here and I am awful at deleting anything. My fuck ton of accounts on tumblr are proof of that one. So, I guess I should just try to use this more often. By the way, why are most of my readers from Russia? Because that's actually s…