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A quick update

Done with Angel's mom. So done. Grow the fuck up, stop whining and start acting like a fucking parent. Quit asking your son for fucking money! Selfish bitch.
Angel's doing really well in A-School, passing everything, got a medal for expert rifleman :)
Work is work and it sucks.
Zoey is on the brink of walking and Alisa is trying to teach her to call me Aunt SiSi <3
Moving in December. Packing hardcore now.


Counting heartbeats

Oh how the time flies. I've been sitting here, thinking about where I was this time last year. I was counting days until my trip to Texas to see Angel for the first time. Arguing almost non-stop with my mom about me going. Alisa was still pregnant with Zoey.
And now. I'm counting down the days until I see Angel again. Counting down the days until I move. Fighting with mom every other week about me moving so far away. Zoey is a little over 8 months old.

Life is funny.