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My Genetics are my Bitch

Oh the joys of a four day weekend...

Thursday was of course thanksgiving here in the US of doom. I went to my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Don's house and died on turkey with my cousins. Then I went home and passed out from too much food.
Friday, I went to my grandma's and worked a little on Night Core before going home and doing nothing for hours...well, I did play pictionary with my little brother and watch the movie School of Rock for a little bit. It was an okay movie...I guess.
Saturday oh what a day. We, Fox, Emily, a guy named Paul and I, were going to go up to Grand Rapids and see Repo...but we got lost, oh so lost. It was so funny. So we drove around for hours on the highway and damn near hit a raccoon..and you would not believe the sheer number of dead deer we saw on the side of the road. And we played truth or dare. It was an -fucking-mazing night. Then Em and I went back to Fox's house and crashed on the couchs.
Sunday, I slept and watched Benny and Joon that's about …