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Jimmy says it's better than air

Give me novaciane...
Holy hell, it has been a long ass time since I updated on here. Well, Ellie moved to Virginia for college and Alisa is now living in Detroit. Me? I'm still trying to get a job so I can get a car so I can get to college. Not to mention, pay for college.
I talked to Joey and Kanna for a while today. I'm at my grandma' sitting, oh the joy.
I cut all ties with Brittany, so I never have to deal with that skeezy bitch again. I graduated, much to the displeasure of my underclassmen army. They're a bunch of good kids and they're gonna be fine...they just don't realize that yet. I've got a good feeling about that bunch.
I plan on getting two new tattoos in the very near future. The names/words Hugin and Munin on my wrists with black feathers. Eventually, I'm going to get a wolf and dream catcher design on my inner shoulder.
It's like a throbbing tooth ache of the mind...
I'm hitting point where I just don't care any more. I'…