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It never was the time for this

I am spending the weekend with Alisa face and she has offered to teach me how to play WoW. I am sooooo excited. I didn't get to go to the Evans Blue show last night, but that's okay. I watched Criminal Minds with mom instead. It was a great episode, sad though. It had Alex O'Loughlin from Moonlight in it...he was the killer.
Other news...I might go and see the new X-Men movie this weekend!!!!! So excited. Other than that, I might have to brutally threaten a sophmore kid. I don't like this girl, she's a little bitch and she made my Torrie cry. No one makes me underclassmen cry except me.
I had Mr. Shock as a substitute happy. He is soo gorgeous.

Later Loves


and we nicknamed Princess's girlfriend "Slagathor" THANK YOU BOB KELSO!!!!

They're coming back for me...

So I figured out what I'm going to do about the weekends events...nothing. It is not worth it to destroy my little brother like that. Also, he is the clingy possesive type. I don't do clingy possessive. Tried that once and wanted to kill the guy.

So save your scissors for some one else's skin...

I've been thinking a lot lately of the past 4 or so years. And much as some people think I should, I don't regret Ryan. Honestly, I know they all hated him, but he was the best thing for me at the time, even if it didn't look like it.

gotta go

Kiss me again, 'cause only you can stop this st-st-st-st-stuttering

I am so confused right I dating it or not? And if so, how the hell am I going to explain this to my parents and how is he going to tell his mom? And how the hell is Davey going to act about this? We've known eachother for like...11 years and last night was the first time anything had ever happened. So he's 16. So what? It's only 2 years. And how no one saw this coming, even the two of us, is a little beyond me. Alisa, you know what I'm talking about and you're the only one who will read this and have it make perfect sense.

You drop a coin into the sea and shout out "Please come back to me!" You name your child after your fear and tell him "I have brought you here."...

I am, of course, with Alisa and we're kinda watching Death at a Funeral. My mommy got me more Sunkist AKA "Nector of the GODS". We went to the point today because I needed to think and being by the lake calms me the fuck way down. School is going okay, I guess.…

You drop a coin into the sea...

and shout out "please come back to me!" You name your kids after your fears and tell them "I have brought you here."...
So yesterday was the first day in a few weeks that I didn't spen with Alisa. It was kind of...nice to have some time on my own. I worked on cleaning my room for a while, gathered some more flowers for the alter and took care of my ivy plant. Which reminds me, I'm attempting to grow an ivy plant in my room.
Next week there's a concert I may or may not be going to...Evans Blue at headliners. I haven't been to headliners since September '06.
Wow...I really watch way too much General Hospital....>> << ^^.

In other news...I missed the revelation of who Hans is...My friend Sam is dating a guy that her and Ms. Finley call Hans. They tell nothing about him except enough to keep me interested in who is he..Matt blew it yesterday and I wasn't listening. I felt so jipped.



an update of the movie log

What we have watched since the last time this was updated...
My Sweet Suicide
Meet Bill
Vampire Diary
I Want Candy
Margo at the Wedding
Succubus, Hell Bent
French Twist
P.S Your Cat is Dead
R.S.V.P did not work
and some movie that was never put on because the screen was all NO!

We also watched Two Towers and Return of the King over the weekend which made me uber happiness. We also watched Wrist Cutters for the thousandth time.
Alisa and I went to a bridal shower for her cousin or whatever and I have never more in my life wanted to start heroin...My family just makes me want to drop acid. Her family...heroin. I so kicked a 6 year olds ass at guitar hero. I was actually proud of myself for that because we were on the same level and he owns the game...I hadn't played in like 6 months or more. Also, I so did Kenny's make up over the weekend.
Nothing else to say, So I am off to the main movie board!!


w00 obscurtity

We got through a few more movies...
Prey for Rock and Roll...not nearly as cool as I thought it would be
Funny of the best fucking movies I have ever seen. Trust me, it is hilarious.
The Tattooist...just a good as I thought/hoped it would be
Scotland, was pretty good, not on my top list, but still good none the less.

In other news...nothing! How about that? Last night's Criminal Minds was a repeat. Fringe on Tuesday was pretty much epic, I expect nothing less. I missed Scrubs and most of Better of Ted. I watched last week's Lost because I taped it. I'm going to watch last night's tonight. I have to get back into the loop.

Tomorrow is the Day of Silence. Want to know more about it? go to

see ya loves,


We rented 18 movies yesterday. We had to go back to school TODAY. We so did not think this through. This is why we can't do things without supervision even though I'm 18 and she's 17 going on 18. Damn are we dumb.
The two we watched last night:
Rise: Blood Hunter
Kettle of Fish

both were okay, not in my top 20 though.
a few of the top 20
1.Donnie Darko
2.King of California
5.The Lost Boys
6.Ferris Buehler's Day Off
I'll add the rest of this list at a later time.


And maybe you should SLEEP

I wanted to say that I've been doing a lot of thinking today...but that would have been a lie and, well, I don't know. Now, don't get me wrong, I like lying, I am good at it, but I prefer not to if I can help it.
Harper's Island started thursday night and it was pretty good. The new episode of Dollhouse was great, but now I have to wait 2 weeks for the next one. 11th hour had its season finale. Cupid started, it's pretty good. Other than that...Criminal Minds and Fringe...and we all know I adore both shows.
Prom is fastly approaching, We got Pat his suit yesterday. It looks spiffy.
Not much else to say.
Watching Flubber.


holy fuck nuts!!!!!!

They unblocked this at school?!!!!!!!! Woooooowwwwww....this was blocked for so long I didn't think they would ever unblock...and now that I have said that, it will be blocked again in about a week.


And she died a tragic death...on WoW.

SO I know it has been a freaking long ass time since I did a damn thing on here...spent the weekend with Alisa-face. Listening to Neverending White Lights because they make me happy and watching Madagascar. I love those penguins. I am totally on Twitter now too. She took the gas and matches away from me. I am so sick of Repo! right now you have no idea. Ashlee fucking faked her amnesia. Lance died. Lance was like a super hero to me when I was a kid. And Richard is afraid of midgets. Tabby Cat will be having Lacey soon and life is spiraling quickly out of control. Brad and Amee, I hope you fucking rot for the bullshit you pulled and I hope like hell you realize that we don't want you in our family anymore.
I have to go home, kiddies