Sunday, April 5, 2009

And she died a tragic death...on WoW.

SO I know it has been a freaking long ass time since I did a damn thing on here...spent the weekend with Alisa-face. Listening to Neverending White Lights because they make me happy and watching Madagascar. I love those penguins. I am totally on Twitter now too. She took the gas and matches away from me. I am so sick of Repo! right now you have no idea. Ashlee fucking faked her amnesia. Lance died. Lance was like a super hero to me when I was a kid. And Richard is afraid of midgets. Tabby Cat will be having Lacey soon and life is spiraling quickly out of control. Brad and Amee, I hope you fucking rot for the bullshit you pulled and I hope like hell you realize that we don't want you in our family anymore.
I have to go home, kiddies