Monday, April 20, 2009

an update of the movie log

What we have watched since the last time this was updated...
My Sweet Suicide
Meet Bill
Vampire Diary
I Want Candy
Margo at the Wedding
Succubus, Hell Bent
French Twist
P.S Your Cat is Dead
R.S.V.P did not work
and some movie that was never put on because the screen was all NO!

We also watched Two Towers and Return of the King over the weekend which made me uber happiness. We also watched Wrist Cutters for the thousandth time.
Alisa and I went to a bridal shower for her cousin or whatever and I have never more in my life wanted to start heroin...My family just makes me want to drop acid. Her family...heroin. I so kicked a 6 year olds ass at guitar hero. I was actually proud of myself for that because we were on the same level and he owns the game...I hadn't played in like 6 months or more. Also, I so did Kenny's make up over the weekend.
Nothing else to say, So I am off to the main movie board!!