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Someone call the doctor and someone call the nurse....

Well, I had to spend the morning in the hospital. Day three with a fever and sore throat that had white spots on it. And, to top it all off, woke up with both ear in a fuck ton of pain. I have acute tonsillitis and infections in both ears. Oh joy. They gave me amoxacicilin and Tylenol with codeine. Guess I'm going to sleep really freaking great tonight. They also gave me a shot of steroids in the ass to get the swelling in my throat to go down, it was that bad. The actual shot didn't hurt though. Kind of made me wonder why they don't give all shots like that.

Angel called to check on me when ever he had a moment to get to his phone. I am so very lucky to have such a loving and caring man.

Found out that the new Shutterbox will be out some time soon, super excited about that. Books of Adam ( updated today. It seem the universe is trying to make me feel better today :)

Well, I'm out.



Angel bought a ring. I had to pout and beg and plead to get him to tell me and I'm glad I did. I have never been happier about something so little as a piece of jewelry. This man...he means everything to me. I'm so lucky to have him. And, knowing he feels the same, makes my heart soar.

I'll send all my lovin to you

Well, I am back home in Ohio after spending a few days at Angel's sister's house. Went to Angel's graduation, got to spend the day with him on Friday. It was great, truly. But, it was too short and now I'm a total mess again. Crying, exhausted. I miss him more than ever now. This is all taking far too long. I am proud of him, don't get me wrong, I just miss him and don't really have anyone in my life that knows what he and I are going through.
I'm sorry, I'm just miserable.

I'm going to bed.


Temples and Bodies

I've been having a fun talk with Tarrah. We started at scarification and have drifted into tattoos and poetry. I have my next tattoo planned, just need it drawn out so I asked a bunch of friends if they wanted to draw it. Waiting for answers on that. But, anyways, back on topic. We started discussing script tattoos. She wants to get Desiderata done on her back and I mentioned that I wanted The Mask by W.B. Yeats on one arm and the repeated lines of his poem The Stolen Child on the other. I then began reading some more of his work since it's been years since I read anything other than those two. All I gotta say is; I think I should dedicate my body to his poetry xD.

In other fantastical news. I got to talk to Angel on Friday for about a half hour. His graduation is this coming friday, so I finally get to see him again. I am one happy fucking ducky. :D

Guess that's all for now :)


This is Gonna be the Good Life

I got to talk to Angel today!!! <3 And, I get to see him in exactly one week. :3 I am so very excited.

Casey and Summer had their baby if I didn't already post that. Anna Lucille <3 she is beautiful and healthy...minus the heart murmur. Hoping that sorts itself out.

I guess there is really nothing else to say at this point.


Falling Apart

My sister and niece are officially in Canada. /sigh
Spent some time with my cousin Casey and his wife, Summer, earlier. Got a great video of baby Anna with the hiccups. Best video ever.
Now I'm just chilling with my little brother and watching tv, listening to the rain.

~2 and half weeks~


Another goodbye

Well, I got to see my sister for the last time before she moves to Canada tomorrow. I'm...sad. I feel lost without her near. Not to mention I don't trust her husband. At all.
I guess all I can do is be supportive and be there when she needs me.
Casey and Summer got to bring little Anna home Sunday. Such a beautiful baby girl.

I guess I'm not really in the mood to write.

2.5 weeks left til I see Angel <3