Monday, August 15, 2011

Temples and Bodies

I've been having a fun talk with Tarrah. We started at scarification and have drifted into tattoos and poetry. I have my next tattoo planned, just need it drawn out so I asked a bunch of friends if they wanted to draw it. Waiting for answers on that. But, anyways, back on topic. We started discussing script tattoos. She wants to get Desiderata done on her back and I mentioned that I wanted The Mask by W.B. Yeats on one arm and the repeated lines of his poem The Stolen Child on the other. I then began reading some more of his work since it's been years since I read anything other than those two. All I gotta say is; I think I should dedicate my body to his poetry xD.

In other fantastical news. I got to talk to Angel on Friday for about a half hour. His graduation is this coming friday, so I finally get to see him again. I am one happy fucking ducky. :D

Guess that's all for now :)