Swing Life Away

It has been an amazing last few days.
Tuesday I hung out with Tarrah and her kids. Yesterday, I went to Goth Night with Johnny, Emily, Kanna, Becki and some random chick. Saw my friend Codie there as well. It was a blast. Johnny and Emily kept trying to get me dance and pretty much failed. Got some amazing pictures taken by Johnny though. Hung out at Johnny's afterwards for a bit with him, Kanna and Becki. Then had to be up early-ish today to go to the movies with Tarrah and Eric. We went and seen X-Men: First Class. OMG! LOVED IT! I <3 James McAvoy. He was fantastic as Charles.
Then, when I got home, the mail came and I had letters. I finally got letters from Angel <3 I cried. I was so happy to hear from him. 7 pages of letters. It has truly been an amazing few days. <3



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