By the grace

I'm feeling a little off right now. Disconnected. Lonely. Rachelle is staying over, hanging out with me and Davey. They're outside, talking, goofing off. I don't feel very social at the moment.
Wrote a new poem on deviant art.
I miss Angel.
I did, however, have fun with Tarrah and her girls earlier. We went to the mall and Tarrah made me try on like 2 dozen dresses. I needed a nice dress for August, if I get to go to Angel's graduation. I did find one beautiful one. It's black and teal and I did buy it. It made me feel pretty. I am going to wear it the next time I see Angel. No matter when that is.
Also bought a fedora, good tea and a little Shock doll. Bought Kady a Rapunzel head band (with the long hair) from the Disney store. It was her Tangled birthday present. She loved it. Tarrah said I had made Kady's day. Made me feel a little brighter. Then, the girl at Teavana, was just amazing. I really wanted to hug her.
Watching Craig Ferguson, about to do some chores and then probably go to sleep.



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