Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello France!

I was just checking on the view log for this and noticed that most of today's views are from France. Sadly, I do not speak French. I do speak a bit of German but otherwise, English. And not even good English, American English. *Shudders*

In other news.
I've been getting letters from Angel and it makes me all kinds of happy. He wants me at his graduation :) So, I'm going to stay with his mom at his sister's house for that weekend.
Still feeling pretty good from all the excitement of last week. Had a decent weekend at work, minus new bullshit signs. Deff going to get a new job and get the fuck out of there.

Not too much more to say really. Been watching Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl on youtube and talking to Alisa, Mandi, Cynthia, Fishy, Johnny and my cousin Casey and his wife, Summer.

Ok, mom just called, they had to take Summer to the hospital, they think she's going into labor, she's leaking! :D BABY!!!!!

I'll keep you posted.


My cousin is not in labor, they sent her home. /Sigh I was hoping for baby Anna making her debut :p