Hating the Heat Dome

I've been at my grandma's since Tuesday, house/dog sitting while she and my papa are out of town on the boat. It was so hot Wednesday, that my parents had to bring our two dogs over here so they could be out of the heat and in the a/c. We don't have a/c at home because it makes mom sick. But, anyhow, Steeler, my almost 15 year old lab/chow mix was doing really bad. As in, my parents were afraid he was going to stroke from the heat. And, if he were to stroke, he'd never recover. So, since they have been here, Steeler has seriously moved twice. The heat took a lot of him. Then, add on my six year old lab mix, Breezy. Breezy has never been to grandma's house and spent the first few hours spazzing the fuck out. Pacing, crying, pawing everything she could. Eventually, she settled onto the couch I live on when I'm here, taking up about 80% of the small space. With Breezy life is a little complicated sometimes. We got her from the humane society when she was 8 months old and, the poor thing, had spent those 8 months in a cage with limited human contact. She gets really freaked out in new places unless she can easily get to one of us 4 (me, Davey, mom or dad). Every time I go upstairs to grab something or use the restroom, she cries and freaks out. It's sad as hell, but also a little cute. I'm just glad that they're going to be here all day since it's supposed to hit 100 without the humidity.



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