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90 days delinquit gets you a repo treatment.

So the chances of going to Repo today are slim and none. We'd need to go right after school and Cleveland is getting pummled with snow so traffic is shitty. Also, my mom said no, so we were going to sneak..but you see the snow issue.

In other news...A Nightcore Update!!:I started the character sheets for a new novel idea. So I'm all systems go and getting ready to start that in a matter of weeks I guess you could call it. So far, I have the two/three main characters worked out.Syren "Ren" Fox/Evelynn "Eve" Skye and Lamia. More on that later.


Later Loves~RJ

Mags contract has some mighty fine print

Yesterday, oh yesterday. I made Jeremy go away for a little bit in lunch, it was a nice relief. I gave Fox her Christmas gift was a fuzzy black scarf. Saturday, we want to go rollar skating and then play twister.
So I'm starting work on a new book idea called Nightcore for a friend of mine. I'll keep updated on it, so...yeah

Later Loves

Dear Marni I am so sorry, can you forgive me?

Night Surgeon from Repo!

So we ended up deciding to try for Wed. but we are not 100% sure that we are going to go. Friday I did my fairytale shoot but I might have to redo it because of bad lighting...Q.Q sad face. Then I hung out with Emily and Josh, we played dress-up and watched Ghost Whisperer and The Mentalist. Saturday, we had the speech and debate tournament in Copley, OH. I did the impromtu catogory and placed last in my 1rst two round and 2nd in my last round. Then I went to a party at Josh's with Fox, Todd and Jeremy. Wanted to beat Jeremy's skull in. He was being an annoying little bitch and I was just sick of it. Then Todd had to got to the hospital, but he was fine. So Fox and I stayed at Todd's so I got to sleep on the comfy couch. Yesterday...I watched the AMAs and that was pretty much it.

Looking up Repo song stuff...I need to find out if "We Started This Opera Shit" is the song I'm looking for...

Later Loves


I'm coming straight on to you...

Ignore the heart music that is pouring through my head at the time!

I have the GREATEST news in the world!!!! We might get to go see Repo! tomorrow in Cleveland!I am so twitchy about this, you have no idea!

Later Loves

there's a gun pressed against my ANATOMY

Repo reference and all that fun stuff.
School is going okay, I guess. Still working on still lifes in photography. I have my first tournament in speech and debate on Saturday. Josh is coming over on Friday and Emily might as well.
Nothing else to say at the moment

Fox, if you ever read this
1. Jesus wants in your pants but if you join the darkside, I'll get in them (and run away with them)
2. Stuff...regular stuff
3. Can't rape the willing
4. We're going to die!!!!(Aarron...not helping much!)

Later Loves


I'm smiling next to you in silent lucidity

Great song...

So, here are the events of the past whenever. My rat, Lawrence "Zero" Edward died on thursday of kidney failure. Friday...nothing big happened. I watched ghost whisperer with my mom and so such.

Saturday was amazing. I went and had my senior pictures done and then I went rollar skating with Fox and a bunch of people from Scarewood. It was so amazing! I got to see my midget and everything! Ty had to work though :( so he missed Fox and I clinging to eachother to keep from falling because we suck on rollar skates. We were screaming and laughing saying that we were going to die. For the trio skate, we had Aaron out there with us and he was almost as bad a skater as the two of us!
Sunday, I went to my grandma's and watched a bunch of movies. I watched Sin City (which to me is one of the best written films I have ever seen...the language is spectacular), Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Jack Frost (the sad dad-died-in-accident-and-comes-back-as-snowman version...not the…

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

Okay, I lied, I do NOT feel fine right rat is dying and it looks like kidney failure. It sucks, I spent the entire night up with him trying to nurse him back to health to no avail. Fuck it, I'm out.


The dashboard melted but we still have the radio

So I got the fourth part of Sliver up on DA today! w00! ( this is a link to my mindless writing... ) I feel mildly accomplished seeing as I am steadily racing towards 100 pieces on there.
My army drew me another little comic today that made me laugh. I love my little underclassmen army...they are amazingly good entertainment. Speech and Debate today..oh the joy (note the sarcasm)
Cleaning the hell out of my room...bored as hell with it though. I really need to work on my comparative essay for creative writing...seeing as I never really got around to doing it...ummm, gotta go I guess.

Later Loves,

And I can't see that thief that lives inside of your head

But I can be some courage at the side of your bed...

Sorry, Our Lady Peace moment...
I am in such a trashy mood today. I haven't been able to sleep for shit since Friday and I cannot for the life of me remember the last time I got a good night's sleep before Friday. Talk about shitty. Then I find out today that Jeremy is dating Brii...even after I warned him not to. She is a self centered, manipulitive bitch that will fuck him over as soon as the moment is there. But does he listen to me? No, because he is a dumbass. But he did offer to be my slave for the next two weeks if I lay off for a bit...tempting offer but not my forte.
But the better part of the day...
I got two new recruits for my "army" here at school, and one of my minions made me a funny comic. My army's motto is "Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the nazi party!" from The Producers, so the one did a comic of it. Then Blade decided he was going to drag me to my classroom by my fee…

And Amber Sweet is Addicted to the Knife

So we did not get to go and see Repo! on Friday because it was only released in a few theatres. But we do get it in January when it comes out on DVD.
So Fox, Emily, Ty, Nick and I all went to Todd's house but we had to take Emily home around 11. The rest of us crashed at Todd's.
Cleanup was Saturday at the haunted house Q.Q sad face. I miss that place like it was a home to me. And for the last month, it kind of was.
We found out that we helped raise about 8,600 some odd dollars for the Make a Wish foundation, so that was really cool. and we had a pizza party.

More later


What is this? Christmas Town? Hmmm....

So Obama won, Hell yes to that. Friday and Repo are fastly approaching.
I hung out with Fox most of the weekend. We went to Todd's on Friday and hung out with him and Nick until about three in the morning. Then on Saturday we drove around and had a rave in her was amazing.
Alisa lost her voice, Brii wants to date Jeremy and I want to beat Brii and Kenny with a blunt object.
other than that..not much to say.

Later Loves