Saturday, June 25, 2011

The harder things we learn

I've been feeling really off today/last night. It started as nausea, like really bad. I went to work, determined to press on. Then, the nausea stopped but my stomach still hurt. I though maybe I was just hungry, whipped up two scrambled eggs. Felt worse. Then the pain started. High on my stomach and back and ribs. My grandma thinks I might be pregnant. So, we went and got a couple of tests. I took one of two and it cam back negative. But, from what I've been reading, being on your period could make the test read wrong. And my grandma said the first three months she was pregnant with mom, she had a regular period and only went to the doctor because she was presenting symptons very much like mine. I am terrified. If I am, about 2 months in. I really hurt right now. I really hope I'm not. Not with Angel just starting bootcamp. This. Sucks.