Monday, October 13, 2008

Is this the hell I have created?

Oh the joys of the weekend...
My wrists are bruised because the handcuffs were too tight and I tried to hit Kirt while wearing them. He deserved it, he was being a jerk. Friday, we got a new strobe light for the set and there was a new prop right outside of the set; a train with loud noise and bright lights. I started to get a head ache so I decided to lay down on the mat we have in the set and close my eyes for a moment (we were on break) and Kirt decided to sit on me and pin my arms to my side with his legs. He then began to poke my forehead repeatedly. Then Nick decided to sit on my legs and tickle me. So there was no way I could get up or really move. The jerks... But it was fun so, what ever. Then Nick decided that him and Kirt are going to be staying the night at my house next friday because my family is going out of town. Oh the joy. Saturday was same old same old. I made sure the cuffs weren't too tight, but my wrists still hurt. We got a couple new people on the set and Joker was back. Friday was his birthday, so props to him. Then one of the new kids on the set goes to school with me and is friends with my friend Tyler. And we all have the same lunch hour so he was hanging out with us. I think his name is Jeremy...but I don't really remember. I didn't talk to him too much on the set so it's hard to say. He was a bit annoying.
By the time my family got home from their little camping thing on Sunday, it was 9:30 at night and I could not help but think that they were crazy.
So here I am on another tired Monday afternoon in Creative Writing, attempting to avoid working on the project that is at hand because it bores the hell out of me. I hate strict topic assignments...there's no fun in them .
I talked to my favorite gay guy in the world on Sunday. His name is Josh and he is epic. He was talking about going to get his tongue pierced in a couple of weeks and he said I should get my nipples pierced. It caught me off guard and shocked the hell out of me. There is no way in hell that I am getting my nipples pierced. The idea does not appeal to me in any way. I mean, nipple piercings on guys is hot, but I am not a guy and there for, not getting metal inserted into my nipples. But it was a funny conversation and it made me laugh for well over an hour.
Which reminds me, my pet freshman, Lissa, said that she would get her nipples pierced if some one paid her to do it. I love that kid to death, she is amazing. It was not something I wanted to hear at seven in the morning, but it was funny as fuck.
I should see if Josh will let me dress him up and do his make up Friday when he comes over so I can use him a photography project...
Yesterday was my cousin Casey's 18th birthday and I called the house to wish him a happy one only to find out that he had moved in with Summer (his girlfriend) the day before. Nice of him to call and let me know these things. My birthday is in four and a half months and I am so excited to get my new tattoo. I'm getting the sign of Neptune on the back of my neck. Simply because I am a Pisces and Neptune is my ruling planet. Yay for astrology!
Thursday is going to suck. My family is leaving Wed. to go to some racing thing in Chilicothe(sp?) Ohio and this means I don't get to watch CSI with my mommy. Which sucks because I like watching certain shows with her. Tonight is Monday so that means The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother. Tuesdays we don't watch anything together. Wednsdays is Criminal Minds, Thursdays is CSI and Fridays when she is home we watch Ghost Whisperer. Sundays is Extreme Make Over Home Edition and Desperate Housewives. Other than that we watch General Hospital...but she usually takes a nap around that time because she goes to work at about 3:30 in the morning. So I have to tell her what happens.
We get to destroy negatives in photography this week to make neat prints. I'm a little uneasy about this because Drake has pounded into our heads to take care of our negatives...and now he wants us to abuse about changing your mind. But i'm excited to too because I got to see some of the stuff that my friend Karin (AKA Hippie) did when she was in photo two and it looked really sweet. I just kind of like a lot of my negatives.
Josh was talking about an MSI concert on halloween and that I should go so he can have people flock to me. His theory is "Hott goth chick...people will flock to you and I get closer to the stage and hit on the singer" it made me shake my head at him...over the phone, I know, defeats the purpose. His theories are a little out there some times.
I watched Anastasia and Nightmare Before Christmas over the weekend and it was lovely. I love both movies because of the music. It was a great weekend all in all.

More later perhaps...or even tomorrow.
Later Lovelies