Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fire place burns backwards, lets not and say we did.

So today's title is courtesy of a song from the Anarchist Cookbook (one of my favorite movies). Last night was okay, I mean, nothing big happened. We watched TV and then I went to my room and did nothing for about an hour before attempting to go to bed. We had a two hour delay so I got sleep in this morning, it was rather nice. Plus, I have no school on Friday and my little brother does so it is going to be a great day Friday.
Today on the other hand;
I have been in a bad mood since I got to school today. I am so sick and tired of Jeremy! He's there in the morning, he's there at lunch, when I walk home, he's there, and then on the weekends I have to deal with him for 5 and a half hours on Friday and then again on Saturday. Its getting to the point where I just want to bash his brains in because he so damn annoying! I just wish he would leave me alone for like a week or something. I cannot deal with people for that long if they bother me and/or I hardly know them. I just fucking met the kid about two weeks ago and already I want him the hell away from me.
I'm sorry I'm ranting so much, I'm just in a pissy mood right now and so such.
Happy Birthday Brii Brii, I <3 you lots.
Off to work now.

Later Loves