Monday, October 27, 2008

Loving You Was Like Loving The Dead

I was listening to 104.7 last night and they were doing the Halloween issue of Hard Drive and they played Type O Negative. It made me happy since I could not remember the last time I had heard Black # 1. Amazingness it is.

Okay, seeing as it is Monday, time for the infamous back track of the weekend's events.

We had no school so I got to sleep in (meaning I got up around ten) and then watched day time talk shows until 1 in the afternoon. After that is was One Life to Live and General Hospital, then more talk shows because I watch Ellen. Then I got ready for the haunted house and stood outside, talking to Fox and kinda Brii, Alex and Kanna, all while freezing my ass off. Then I went inside to run around Diidii (she's two and sooo cute) and wait for Ty (AKA Joker) to get there. We played a very "dangerous" game all weekend. We played hide and seek behind the set in between groups and when we came out, Kirt looked at us and said "Oh. My. God. What were you two doing back there?" so I had to be all cute and innocent sounding "We were playing hide and seek. If I hide my nails (they glow in the dark) you can't see me!" Well, Kirt did not believe us even though that is what we had been doing. So Kirt grabbed my choker and handed it to Ty and pretty much told us to go have fun. Well Ty pulled it really tight and had one arm around my waist and I had one arm slung over his shoulder and it damn near looked like we were gonna kiss. But a group was coming so we all had to get into place. It was an interesting night. Also, the chain saws set off the fire alarms and people kept asking me and Ty if we were dating. We told them no but they didn't seem to believe us. And even after he told them he had a girlfriend, they were all saying that him and I should date because it is apparently obvious that we like each other.

My mom and dad went through the haunted house. People were again saying that Ty and I should date. We went back to playing our "dangerous" game (by the way...the dangerous part is my own saying and I'm getting to that explanation) He kept grabbing me by my throat(which is a major turn on for me), grabbing me by the hair (again turn on) and running the blade of his pocket knife up and down my thigh (most likely the biggest trigger I have) and he knew what all of this did. At one point, when we were sitting in the box (this is a large box that can fit at least four people in it) I had my hand on his throat and he decided to run the blade across my throat. I really liked that one (that was not a sarcastic statement. I am a masochistic submissive). Ya know, for some one who has a girlfriend, Ty is really playing a dangerous game. No wonder people are saying that the two of us should date and Nick is the worst. Closely followed by Bud who kept walking around, looking at us and saying "Flirtters!" to which I would respond with "Fat camp!" and then he'd go on his little speech about why fat camp was fun. I cannot wait for Friday so I can see Ty again even though Saturday is going to be the last night for the house.

I slept in late, listened to 89 x's time warp and watched TV with my mom, played video games with her, Davey and dad and then went to the store where we ran into Spy. Then went home, talked to Keanu for a while, napped, ate, watched TV with mom and Davey, did home work, had some marble cake, listened to 104.7 and went to bed.

At long last. Nothing has really happened to day. Beat up some more negatives to make prints with tomorrow. Sat in class, did my work and now here I am, about to work on my Creative Writing crap.

Later Loves