Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'll run away with you, I'll run away with you. Spinning on that dizzy edge...

I love the Cure. To death. They are my favorite band of all times and I just love them to death. Last night, Criminal Minds was pretty much amazing, as usual. I love that show to death as well. I'm in a better mood today because I don't have school tomorrow so I get to sleep in and then go to the haunted house. Ty's gonna be back tomorrow night so it's going to be a hell of a lot more fun than it was on Saturday. ^^ happy face is happy.
Also, tonight is my favorite night at ceramics because Bethany is usually there and I hardly ever get to see her. I loveth the Bethany.
Other news I guess you could call it.
My negatives got developed today and so such and I was very pleased to see that the pictures of Ashleigh turned out quite nicely. CSI is on tonight...I e-mailed Ellen asking her to put Matthew Grey Gubbler on her show because I adore him above all other actors. etc. etc.
Later Loves


P.S yesterday I really wanted to hit Ashlynn in the face. I had to listen to her whine and bitch about the fact that Fox got a call back from Game Stop and she didn't. She was being all "poor me" because her mom told her she needs to lose some wait. I hate to say, but I agree with her mom. At about 5'1, the girl should not weigh close to 140 pounds. she should only be around 102. Even the doctors would tell her that. I'm just tired of listening to her whine when all she does is ditch me for her fucking boyfriend every chance she gets. I haven't even given her her birthday present yet and her birthday was a month ago! I haven't gotten a chance to because I haven't seen her outside of school in like three months. I don't get her anymore.
Later loves.

~Again, RJ~