Welcome to the Madness

Hello boys and girls, and people of every age and persuassion.
My name is Sierria and I will be your dearly demented host through these posts.

To know me;
I am 17 and I live in T-Town
I have a rat named Lawrence "Zero" Edward and fish named Evan
My two dogs are named Steeler and Breezy
I want to do behavoiral anlysis with the FBI
I like reading
I am a senior in high school
Death fascinates me and I have no fear of it. I accept death as essential
I despise the creation known as the "emo" generation
I love music
I'm a writer and a poet of sorts
I am some times hard to be around
I like fire and shiny things
Finland is my favorite country
London is my favorite city (see Camdem Town)
Vampires over Werewolves
Pirates over Ninjas
Horror over romance
Holly Black and Shakespeare are my favorite writers at the moment
I actually like going to school
I'm a nerd, not a geek, get it right
I like anime
My best friend is a girl named Alisa
I am currently volunteering at a haunted house called Scarewood Forest. All the money raised goes the Make A Wish foundation
I am a magician's assitant
Silver and black are my favorite colors
The Cure and REM are two of my favorite bands
I love Tim Burton and Danny Elfman
Criminal Minds is my favorite show
Meat Loaf is an amazing singer
Small dogs are mutated fish/lizards
Gay marriage should be legal
Aboration is the woman's business

If there is anything other that you want to know about me, ask. I am willing to answer most questions unless I feel they are trivial or too personal.

Other news:
I screwed my leg up and I really want Friday to get here a little faster. Working at the haunted house is probably the most amazing thing in the world to me right now. Halloween is my christmas. I am currently sitting in Creative Writing and listening to Oasis and I have a huge photography project that I really need to work on..but that all depends on when I get hang out with Emily and Alisa at the same time...harder than it sounds.

I'm out


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