Oh Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch

So my family is officially gone. I walked home with Jeremy, his girlfriend and Brii yesterday. I wanted to hit Brii during the walk because she was being a sulky little bitch about the fact that Fox could not take her home because of a doctor's appointment. Candi hasn't been in school and I'm starting to get worried about her. None of us have heard from her. I didn't see Lissa this morning, so I hope she's okay. Alisa has to do physical therapy from now on or she has to get metal plates put into her hands because she has really bad tendonitis. She was in so much pain this morning she was almost in tears. I just wanted to hug her and tell her not to worry...but I know how useless that is. I got to make my first enlargement on the negatives we've been "destroying" and I have to say that I was suprised on the fact that it doesn't look like total crap. (I am highly critical of my work) and I'm really excited to do some more.
Oh, by the way, the title of today's post is a quote from the show The Big Bang Theory and was said by Sheldon...my favorite character.
So instead of having Criminal Minds and Bones to rot my brain from head tonight I have to deal with the debate between Obama and mccain. I like Obama! He's a way better man and his VP isn't some crazy nut job that got booed at the hockey game she dropped the puck for. I laughed at that. sarah palin is a whack job and shouldn't be allowed to prcatice politics.
Sorry, being overly opininated here........
I have a fuzzy blue scarf and it is amazing. Love the scarf! LOVE IT!!!!
I got my mom to watch House with me last night. She loved it.

I'm out.


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