Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Think I'm Drowing, Asphyxiated. I Want to Break This Spell You've Created.

Sorry, really in a good mood today and I have no idea as to why this is. I guess life is just good for the moment. Though I will admit, if I have to listen to Brii bitch one more time that it's cold outside in the morning, I just might hit her. She gets a ride to school so all she has to do is walk from the parking lot to the building. I walk to school, I have to walk about 8 blocks in the freezing cold to get here and do you hear me bitching and whining? No! Why? Because no one gives a flying fuck if it is cold outside. Deal with it, it's called Winter for a reason.
Other news...I talked to Nicky for the first time in like...4 months last night. (She lives in Florida and is very hard to get a hold of). Then my cousin Casey and Summer(his girlfriend/fiance/whatever) came over with my grandma. Now before you all get the idea that I dislike Summer, let me get rid of those thoughts. Summer is a great girl that has changed my cousin's life for the better and she's not a little slut like all of his exes. Summer is cool. I just don't know if they are engaged or what. Her mom had a heart attack on Saturday, but she is okay. She had to have 4 stints placed in her heart to get rid of some blockages but the doctors said she would be okay. Casey lives with them, by the way, because his mom (my aunt) is a bitch and a half.
Continuing on.
Lunch yesterday was kind of bleh. We didn't really run around like idiots. Since Tyler started dating Sara, lunch has really settled down and I miss the way it was before. It was a hell of a lot more fun that way. I don't know, call me crazy, but a lot of times, when people starting dating, they change a lot. Except me....I never seem to change. I'm always going to be that odd little goth kid that reads too many fairy/vampire/witchcraft books that has an obsession with the paranormal/metaphysical and occult type stuff. Plus, I drop the boy toy and hang out with my friends still because I need that kind of space and if the guy doesn't get that, I dump his ass.

Oh! This weekend is the last weekend at the haunted house and I am sad because of this. I love that place to death and I really wish that it could continue on because of all the fun we have there. I hope to still see Ty when this is all done and over with because, I really like him. He's amazing.
I might post more later...

Later Loves


Ah, the infamous PS.

So it's fourth block now and as per usual, I am diligently avoiding doing my work. I know, I know, I am such a damned slacker...bite me. I don't feel like doing it right now because a lot of it makes little to no sense to me in any way shape or form. And to avoid doing the work, I am browsing DeviantArt because watching over 100 people is just not enough.
So for my first essay, I currently have a 96. I get to do one more draft! Oh the fucking joy (Sarcasm is my second language...German is my fourth...STUPID ranks third of course XD) I feel the need to point out that I really liked the way the poem/essay was originally written, but I do see the point in some of the things Mr. Mohn said. He did have a point when he told my mother that I could be a professional writer if I chose. (that actually made me smile because I've been writing for five years now and damn near lost the novel I'm working on...more on that at a later date).
But, I am going to work now...I said I'd have the next two essays in by Thursday...later loves
~Again...still RJ~