Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You know you're all that I live for

You know I'd day just to hold you.

So, I'm sitting at home, waiting for him to get home from work, listening to Evanescence and thinking about what he said to me last night. When he tells me that I am everything to him, the best thing to ever happen to him and his world, I cry. I've never known love before and I honestly didn't think it could ever be so beautiful and so painful. Not being near him is like hell. But when I hear his voice, I close my eyes and pretend, I pretend with everything I've got until I can almost feel him curled up with me. But it's never enough. I cry myself to sleep wanting depseratly to be back in his arms. And I can hear it in his voice when we talk at night, he's just as upset. He tries to hide it, tries to be strong for me, but I can almost taste the sorrow in his voice and it makes my heart ache.

My niece isn't doing to well right now. My sister's grandmother thought it was a good idea to feed a 6 week old baby and screwed her stomach up. >( I am so mad about that. Poor Zo's sick and has to be on lactose free formula now because her stomach is screwy and can't handle normal formula. Great fucking job, Eileen. Really. Fucking bitch. And the thing is, Eileen isn't that old. She's not old and senile. She's just an idiot. And she tries to call my sister an unfit mother? Puh-lease. Alisa is doing a damn fine job with that baby. Sorry, just really upset about my niecey-kins being in pain :(

Buuuut, I'm going to get off of here and go to bed soon. I'm getting up early to make sure my dearest gets up on time for work.