Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Run past the edge of tomorrow

My sister, her fiancee and thier baby got kicked out of her grandma's house. Those were the text messages and phone call I woke up to today. Her grandma asked them to clean some stuff, so they started to do so and she freaked out and started to throw things with the baby in the middle of the room. Colin asked her to stop and they got into a huge screaming match. Thier staying at Alex's for now and looking to get an apartment tomorrow.
Angel and his buddy are looking into getting an apartment. Which means Angel would be coming to get me within the next year. He told me this and I cried in joy. I miss him so fucking much.
He stayed up on the phone with me last night, until he passed out, because I was coughing so hard and could barely breathe. He was so worried about me. I hate making him worry. But it meant a lot to me that he would try to stay up with me. I love him.
Well, I'm off. Helping Angel's little brother work through relationship drama.