Thursday, July 28, 2011

In this dance

It's been one of those days, I guess. Been too hot to do much of anything. Rachelle was over earlier. I love hanging out with her :)
My cousin's wife is at the hospital. Last check, contractions were at 3 minutes apart and she was 3cm dilated. Hopefully, little Anna Lucille will be here after tonight. I'm so excited for that.
I miss little Zoey butt already. Even though I just back from Alisa's yesterday :p

3 weeks until I see Angel. I am so excited to be able to see my man again.
Romeo came home today. After being gone for a month. My cat is a furry little jerk. I'm just happy he's home safe and in one piece.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How quickly the time flies

I know, I haven't posted on here in a bit, sorry. Spent last week at my grandma's house/dog sitting and enjoying the a/c. Angel graduates from bootcamp in just over 3 weeks, so I get to see him really soon <3
Alisa and Zoey are moving to Canada with Colin on Tuesday. Scary to think of just how fast that's come up.
Tarrah's youngest turned 1 today. Happy birthday, Anastyn Rose <3 Tarrah's hubby also decided to join the army. I'm happy for them.
Not much else to say.

22 days <3


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hating the Heat Dome

I've been at my grandma's since Tuesday, house/dog sitting while she and my papa are out of town on the boat. It was so hot Wednesday, that my parents had to bring our two dogs over here so they could be out of the heat and in the a/c. We don't have a/c at home because it makes mom sick. But, anyhow, Steeler, my almost 15 year old lab/chow mix was doing really bad. As in, my parents were afraid he was going to stroke from the heat. And, if he were to stroke, he'd never recover. So, since they have been here, Steeler has seriously moved twice. The heat took a lot of him. Then, add on my six year old lab mix, Breezy. Breezy has never been to grandma's house and spent the first few hours spazzing the fuck out. Pacing, crying, pawing everything she could. Eventually, she settled onto the couch I live on when I'm here, taking up about 80% of the small space. With Breezy life is a little complicated sometimes. We got her from the humane society when she was 8 months old and, the poor thing, had spent those 8 months in a cage with limited human contact. She gets really freaked out in new places unless she can easily get to one of us 4 (me, Davey, mom or dad). Every time I go upstairs to grab something or use the restroom, she cries and freaks out. It's sad as hell, but also a little cute. I'm just glad that they're going to be here all day since it's supposed to hit 100 without the humidity.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If the silence takes you then I hope it takes me too

Not the best night. I feel a little lonely and hopeless tonight. I really miss Angel. Fuck.
I think I should sleep.


Friday, July 15, 2011

It's been wonders

So, the last few days have been the best. I hung out with Alisa and Zoey on Wednesday. Went to the Harry Potter Midnight Premiere with Alisa and Colin last night and then today...the best day. Angel got to call me for the first time since he got to bootcamp. :') I'm so emotional right now. Crying and smiling and missing him and being so incredibly happy to have gotten to talk to him for 20 minutes. It's a great day. I'm so emotional xD

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello France!

I was just checking on the view log for this and noticed that most of today's views are from France. Sadly, I do not speak French. I do speak a bit of German but otherwise, English. And not even good English, American English. *Shudders*

In other news.
I've been getting letters from Angel and it makes me all kinds of happy. He wants me at his graduation :) So, I'm going to stay with his mom at his sister's house for that weekend.
Still feeling pretty good from all the excitement of last week. Had a decent weekend at work, minus new bullshit signs. Deff going to get a new job and get the fuck out of there.

Not too much more to say really. Been watching Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl on youtube and talking to Alisa, Mandi, Cynthia, Fishy, Johnny and my cousin Casey and his wife, Summer.

Ok, mom just called, they had to take Summer to the hospital, they think she's going into labor, she's leaking! :D BABY!!!!!

I'll keep you posted.


My cousin is not in labor, they sent her home. /Sigh I was hoping for baby Anna making her debut :p

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swing Life Away

It has been an amazing last few days.
Tuesday I hung out with Tarrah and her kids. Yesterday, I went to Goth Night with Johnny, Emily, Kanna, Becki and some random chick. Saw my friend Codie there as well. It was a blast. Johnny and Emily kept trying to get me dance and pretty much failed. Got some amazing pictures taken by Johnny though. Hung out at Johnny's afterwards for a bit with him, Kanna and Becki. Then had to be up early-ish today to go to the movies with Tarrah and Eric. We went and seen X-Men: First Class. OMG! LOVED IT! I <3 James McAvoy. He was fantastic as Charles.
Then, when I got home, the mail came and I had letters. I finally got letters from Angel <3 I cried. I was so happy to hear from him. 7 pages of letters. It has truly been an amazing few days. <3


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

By the grace

I'm feeling a little off right now. Disconnected. Lonely. Rachelle is staying over, hanging out with me and Davey. They're outside, talking, goofing off. I don't feel very social at the moment.
Wrote a new poem on deviant art.
I miss Angel.
I did, however, have fun with Tarrah and her girls earlier. We went to the mall and Tarrah made me try on like 2 dozen dresses. I needed a nice dress for August, if I get to go to Angel's graduation. I did find one beautiful one. It's black and teal and I did buy it. It made me feel pretty. I am going to wear it the next time I see Angel. No matter when that is.
Also bought a fedora, good tea and a little Shock doll. Bought Kady a Rapunzel head band (with the long hair) from the Disney store. It was her Tangled birthday present. She loved it. Tarrah said I had made Kady's day. Made me feel a little brighter. Then, the girl at Teavana, was just amazing. I really wanted to hug her.
Watching Craig Ferguson, about to do some chores and then probably go to sleep.


Monday, July 4, 2011

In a Red Dress and Alone


I just realized it has been quite some time since I updated on here. xD Angel was here for two and half weeks <3 and my family really likes him. Even dad likes him and that's saying a lot.
Yesterday was dad's birthday and the city's fireworks, so we all went to that and to a cook out at some family friend's house. I wanted to bring home two of the new kittens, a pair of gray twins. The boy has tealish eyes and the girl has greenish gold eyes. I just wanted them, they are so cute. I was kitty heaven there <3
Angel's been at bootcamp for a week and a half now. I'm doing better than I was, I still get really sad that I can't talk to him though.
Hanging out with Tarrah tomorrow! So excited to see her and the girls. Might be getting an Alisa and a Zoey this evening. Zoey is in angry demon baby mode and we're gonna see if maybe I can cheer her up. 6 months of her getting excited when she sees me being put the ultimate test..can I bring her out of demon mode! xD


Sunday, July 3, 2011

And my name's Patch

Oh Patch Adams, how I have missed thee. I can't remember the last time I watched this movie.
I have been writing and sending Angel letters every day, just like I promised. It makes me feel so much better. Less depressed. It helps make me feel closer to him.
Work last night was good. Made another 80 dollars. :)
xD This movie makes me so happy.
Today is my dad's birthday. We're going to the cities fireworks tonight. Should be a good night, weather permitting.
I need to go through my pics and print some off to send to Angel like he wanted me to. I hope my letters make him smile. Because he makes me smile, even though I can't talk to him.
I hope to hear back from him soon <3


Friday, July 1, 2011

We sit in corners and sip our coffee

Well, I just found out that Angel can only put 4 people on the access list for his graduation from bootcamp. His recruiter really didn't tell him anything. This really sucks. I want to be there, I want to see him so badly. But, I told him in the letter that I just sealed off that I would understand if he wanted his mom and 3 brothers to be there. That I wouldn't be mad. I think that may have been the hardest thing I have ever had to say to him. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.
Ugh, work tonight. I probably should head back to sleep :/