I guess it was all a lie.

Saturday night was the worst night of my life. Angel called me and told me he wants a break from our relationship. I don't understand how he can just walk away after a year and a half together. I don't get how he can tell me he still loves me but go and do this. He swears that there's no one else, says he just wants to focus on his career by himself. Even after telling me for months he wants to marry me, after telling me that he was getting a ring. He told my mother that he was going to propose for Christmas, at my grandparents' house, in front of my entire family. Who does that? I have never been so crushed in my life. Today is the first time I have actually left my bedroom for longer than 5 minutes. I feel sick to my stomach, I had a headache and I just want to curl up in a ball and never wake up again. ;~;

Fuck Life.


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