Let the rain come down

I'm coming clean

Today is my mom's birthday. She's out of town with Davey and dad. She's 40 today.
Angel said we're getting a dog, named Claude. His step-grandma is giving him to us. I don't really know too much other than that. Hope to find out more about said dog.

I've been feeling pretty down lately. I'm so tired of being in Ohio, tired of being so far away from Angel. I'm tired of working a job that I HATE. I'm tired of feeling so lonely because my friends either have kids or just don't want to do anything or are "too busy". I feel isolated.

Things will be better when I move out. When I'm with Angel. At least, I really hope he's right about that.

I'm out, going to go and take a nap. I work tonight, oh fucking joy.

I need a vacation.


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